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03 May 2015 @ 05:18 pm
Happy Birthday to me! (& hullo to @TylerRichMusic in the pic)  

let me stay here
smile with you
laugh with you
let the breeze
swirl wild around us
catching our whispers
the secrets we tell
beneath the starlit sky
into the morning’s dawn
let me stay here
smiling with you
laughing with you
whispering with you

Tyler Rich on stage at Ace of Spades, 30 April 2015

I have a whole “I met Tyler Rich” essay on the horizon so here’s the short version:

Bought tickets for Cole Swindell the day after the ACM awards show because I wanted to see Tyler Rich, someone who’d been favoriting and liking my Sam Hunt posts and got me curious enough to follow him (even though he wasn’t following me). 30 April 2015 at Ace of Spades in Sacramento rolled around, I got off work early, and then headed to Sacramento to get to the place early enough to meet Tyler while in line waiting for the doors to open. Huzzah!

the super cute picture of me with Tyler Rich

Tyler was GREAT on stage. It was just him, his acoustic guitar, and the microphone. He was amazing and I was near the front and so happy to hear him live. Now I need more music from him! Meeting him and seeing him perform solidified my regard for him. Plus I got him to follow me on twitter and maybe got him to blush when I told him that my sister called me all the way from Atlanta after seeing his picture to tell me what a hottie he is. (I know, I’m a mess.) But seriously, I LOVED his songs and I WANT MORE. I want to be able to listen to him on shuffle/repeat the way I do for Sam Hunt.

So today is my birthday! I’ve been having a super lazy day. In fact, I didn’t get off my lazy butt until I got a Happy Birthday tweet from Tyler Rich. I’m serious. Good thing I got it in the morning, eh? LOL I love all the Facebook birthday wishes because when I get a text notification, my alert is Sam Hunt saying, “What’s your name? You know smoke follows beauty, baby.” And since I have text alerts set up for FB, every Happy Birthday at FB was signaled by Sam. So THANK YOU for all the love!

Sam Hunt last night at the iHeartRadio Country Festival

I’ve also been checking out Tyler Rich’s Snapchat throughout the day. He, his dog, and his friend are driving across the country to Nashville and they’re taking us along for the ride. :) Just saw that he stopped to meet a couple of fans in El Paso. What a sweetheart! :)

his Snapchat is tylerrichmusic, if you wanna see…

And that’s all for now. Hope everyone is having a great end of weekend!

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May Robinson: Terriers - Wishbone Rosemay7fic on May 4th, 2015 03:18 am (UTC)
Sounds like a lovely day. And Tyler is indeed a hottie ;)
Valerievaleriejoy on May 16th, 2015 05:02 pm (UTC)
It was a blissfully LAZY day! :D

(And sorry for not replying until now!)

Tyler is a super cutie but damn, he's YOUNG. LOL Shhh, we won't talk about that though. ;) He's a good singer/songwriter and I look forward to more from him. I need more! LOL
May Robinson: Boys Sneakymay7fic on May 18th, 2015 02:02 pm (UTC)
LOL, I think the problem is that we're getting older so the age spans are getting longer ;). Thankfully, though I'm not obsessing about either at present, my mainstays such as Jensen and Tom are starting to push 40 so I don't feel my thoughts are too cradle-robbery-ish ;)