Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the promise in each breath

something new
yet timeless
this rush
the racing heart
the breathless feeling
so bright
spreading fast
with laughter bubbling
just below the surface
something new
yet timeless
this love
the certainty that beats
the promise in each breath

my (unplanned) 35,000th tweet

I swear, I did not plan that 35,000th tweet yet there it is. ERIK THOMSON is on twitter! The best part? I found out because he found me and followed me. I’m not too old to be thrilled by such a thing, right? LOL Well, I turned into a total giddy fangirl when I realized. And OF COURSE I had to tweet at him. Of course. And then he so kindly replied. :)

his first reply to me

So AWESOME. (And I’ll turn a few shades of blush if he actually reads this.) If you, dear reader, know me, you know Erik has been one of my favorites since the late 90s. He was one of my first fansites and he will always have special place in my fangirl heart. And otherwise. I’ve always appreciated the time he took to send messages and am SO GLAD that we have this twitter connection. And as such, I will of course do my best to spread word of him and his new show, which is filming right now in New Zealand. Even if it doesn’t air out here in the US, I will find a way to watch it (as he well knows LOL). The show is called 800 Words. :)

As Hades on Young Hercules

Reconnecting with Erik gave me a bit of perspective after I spent some of the day being a bit jealous of the gals how ran into Sam Hunt and his cohorts today in Columbia, MO. ::sigh:: I am so glad that I’m in that Sam Hunt group on Facebook because of how sweet and welcoming they’ve been. Plus they share their pictures and experiences of going to Sam’s shows with everyone. So cool. The pics today made me happy with a sharp side of jealous. I tried to concentrate on the happy part. I LOVE how his fans find him to be approachable and nice. It really does say a lot about him. Gives me hope that should I ever meet him, I’ll find him to be lovely and awesome. :)

So I went from being a slightly envious fangirl to a super GIDDY fangirl. THANK YOU, ERIK! I needed the reminder that I’ve had some pretty awesome fangirl moments myself and I need not be envious of others and their experiences. Perspective, loves, perspective.

Sam Hunt, just because

I think in the Periscope v Meerkat livestreaming thing, Periscope is scoring more points with me. Janina Gavankar and James Gunn (separately) did a bit of livestreaming today and it was so cool to watch. I got in early enough for James to read what I wrote! He’s so funny. I love following him on the social networks. And I think one of the reasons I LOVE Guardians of the Galaxy so much is because he let us be part of the whole process. Anyhoo, on his Periscope, he answered a bunch of questions and TV Guide even did a short article based on one of his responses. LOL I thought that was hilarious. ;) I like Periscope also because my @ name is @valerie. I LOVE when I get my own name to use on stuff. LOL

And of course I still totally adore Sullivan Stapleton

There’s not question of that, right? ;)

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