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20 December 2014 @ 05:41 pm
while the heart drifts free  

the laughter rings sweet
lifting upwards to the light
while the heart drifts free

Sullivan Stapleton, Philip Winchester – Strike Back

I read a romance novel today. I think it’s my Winter Break thing to do. LOL I remember reading a whole bunch of romance novels a couple of years ago during Winter Break. Funny. This latest one was pretty good. The main fella started off as a regular kind of guy but then ended up a billionaire. To be fair, the main gal was also turned into a billionaire by the end of the story. What is it with these romance novels featuring super rich people? Or is it just the nature of the kind of books I read?

FaceTime with the nieces!

I got to videochat with my nieces. They’re getting so big! I wish I could squeeze and kiss the baby niece’s cheeks. She looks so scrumptious! LOL I’m glad for the technology. I feel like I’m still interacting with them in a small way. They are my sunshine. :)

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