Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

linger a bit longer

stay with me
take my hand
a moment
linger a bit longer
try to smile
once more
next to me

my Strike Back boys – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

I love Fridays not just because it’s the end of the work week but also because I like to do the Follow Friday (#FF) on twitter. I have a usual bunch that rarely changes and out of the bunch I often get faved or RT’d, which is pretty awesome. I especially love the replies. :)

kisses are the best!

Oh, I also tweeted at Michael J. Bassett…

I was just being a bit cheeky but a few hours later, he tweeted this:

I’m going to pretend he did that because he saw my tweet and thought, why not? ;) (I’m sure that’s not what happened and it’s actually a total coincidence.)

Oh, and apparently I can’t stop with the Jamie Dornan Once Upon A Time screencaps. ::sigh::

the sheriff

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Tags: dornan, poetry, pw, sully
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