Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

amaze me with a whisper

stay here with me
take me by the hand
amaze me with a whisper
promise me forever
leave nothing unsaid
even any fears
trapped in the darkness
open your heart to me
never let me go

my latest lockscreen

Surely Taylor Kitsch has surely disowned me by now. Sorry Kitsch! I still adore you. Go to work and spark it in me again. :) I know you can do it. Someone give that man a job! Please?

Stonebridge, season 2

I am jumping around with my screencaps of Strike Back. I need to organize them on my Flickr but I’m a bit lazy. I’m sure I’m capping stuff I’ve previously done but oh well! I’m having fun with it and that’s all that matters, right?

Scott, season 2

Isn’t it a universal understanding that if you go to an office and have to fill out a form, if they give you a clipboard, you’re meant to take the form and clipboard and sit down? As opposed to standing at the counter and filling out the form at the receptionist’s window? It happened TWICE today. The third time, the person dutifully took the hint. A minor thing for sure, but DAMN.

And because I miss those Strike Back fellas way too much, here’s a “How To” video from season 3 of the show:

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Tags: kitsch, poetry, pw, sully
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