Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the star flickers and fades

the star flickers then fades
beauty now mere memory
the gust a solitary whistle
rising up to the heavens
the darkness only momentary
one breath then the light

Strike Back – Sullivan Stapleton

I don’t think a week goes by when someone doesn’t come into the office and think we’re the post office. We’re next door to the post office, yes, but the letters on our building most definitely do not say post office. Oh, and we don’t have any mail boxes on the premises. So why do people think we’re the post office? Is it the flags outside? But what about the letters on the building that say precisely what we are?

Michelle Lukes & Philip Winchester – Strike Back

I keep watching Strike Back. I think I am going through withdrawals because I know I should be watching NEW episodes now. ::sigh::

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Tags: poetry, pw, sully
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