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so silent this peace

so cold beneath
the heart almost still
the beat merely a ripple
so hard underneath
the muscles stiff
the expressions unreadable
so silent this peace
the pain abated
the sorrow held fast
so dark the days ahead
the light so dim
the warmth so untouchable
so cold beneath...

A perfect day, weather-wise. The sun was bright and warm, the breeze was cool and welcoming. It's as if the coolness brought something new to the air, something different and sweet. Or maybe it was just me. LOL!

I started on the files today. Bah! I got more parents coming in trying to register their kids. I even had a couple of kids try to register themselves. Umm, no! :P Anyhoo, it wasn't so bad, but I know that I'm going to get busier. I don't want to get busy! And I do like how the office is quiet. It's nice. A pleasant way to pass the days. Soon the VPs and secretaries will be back. And then the teachers. And then the students. Dear me!

The emptiness is good
The view on my way to the car after work...

The A's are fixin' to win. ;)
Tags: poetry
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