Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

entwined in memories

poem #1
heaven’s dreams
entwined in memories
nestled in secrets
ready for reveal
yearning by the horizon

poem #2
heap on your
never stop
resist complacency
your destiny guides you

Strike Back – Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, and a bit of Michelle Lukes

I woke up and watched most of the Waratahs vs Crusaders Super Rugby final. My Crusaders lost in the last minutes of the game. ALAS! But it was great Super Rugby season and I’m glad I watched so much of it. LOVE RUGBY!!!

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday! I have to it again– fun movie! Go watch it. I’m listening to the soundtrack on random. 70s music. Goodness me! LOL ;)

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Tags: cavill, poetry, pw, sully
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