Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

pretend with me

pretend with me
hold me close
it’s only now
live forever
in this breath
pretend with me

So serious – Philip Winchester in Strike Back

So I’ve been watching Strike Back during my lunch breaks this week. I think it’s just that time of year for me obsess over the show and in previous years, it would be time for the show to premiere on Cinemax. But not this year. Alas! Apparently the show won’t be back until 2015. I MISS MY STRIKE BACK BOYS!!!

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

The internet filters at work have gotten super restrictive. It’s a big bummer! Even though I understand why we can’t go to certain sites, some of it just doesn’t make sense. Like my website! What do I say here to make it inaccessible at work? ::sigh:: It’s like the filter we use just blocks nearly everything for no real reason. :( Mostly I miss be able to look at twitter on my work computer. I think that if the workplace has an official twitter, we at the workplace should be allowed to look at it. Only makes sense.


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Tags: poetry, pw, sully
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