Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

poised for release

pleasure sweet
heat rising
losing control
in such temptation
poised for release

random Strike Back hotness

Did I just break my Philip Winchester pic first in the post streak? Yes, I think I did. But come on, how hot (yet borderline tasteful) is the screenshot above? Goes so well with the poem. LOL ;) Gotta love Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and his frequent hook-ups on Strike Back. Deliciously naughty!

always so serious

So, the World Cup! I was cheering for Germany but I did feel bad in the end for Argentina. Why did they keep having to show all the sad fans? I like this image better:


And let me just say that ESPN/ABC did a stellar job on their coverage of the World Cup. They were, as I mentioned on twitter, classy, respectful, and fun. UNLIKE NBC and their coverage of the Olympics. I hope FOX Sports take some notes from ESPN and their WONDERFUL coverage. I actually enjoyed the talking heads as much as the actual matches. They were well informed, passionate, and sometimes funny. I loved how they did not talk down to their audience. I will actually miss them! So kudos to them! (This article echoes my sentiments.) I think ESPN is a big part of my awakening appreciation for soccer.

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Tags: etc, poetry, pw, sully
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