Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

right within our reach

whisper your promise
in this dark silence
no one will know
catch me
hold my hand
every breath
sways us closer
towards a light
ever constant
right within our reach

Philip Winchester in 24
Philip Winchester in 24

The other day I started what I think is a short story using a secondary character from the story I should be writing. LOL It’s been constantly forcing itself through my fingertips onto the keyboard to my online doc file. It wants to be written. I love when stories do that! ;)

santa monica 1999
Santa Monica 1999

And just because of the Ryan Gosling hubbub, I must once again share one of my most favorite pictures of all time. It’s Dean O’Gorman, me, Ryan Gosling, and Joel Tobeck. I LOVE this photo so much that for my ten year high school reunion, I used it as my “now” picture. I had a few interesting comments that night regarding that picture. ;) He was only 18 in that picture. Who knew where his career would take him? Oh yeah, me! LOL

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