Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

placing trust in this

perhaps you always knew
how I might have felt
if given the chance
left to the possibilities
inward and out
placing trust in this

Philip Winchester on 24

Dear 24: Live Another Day – THANK YOU for slipping in a few actors from one of my favorite tv shows and reminding me how much I miss Strike Back. It was awesome to see Liam Garrigan and Rashan Stone in previous episodes but I was most appreciative of Philip Winchester in last week’s hour. It was great to 1) see him in UNIFORM and 2) hear his American accent. Is it wrong that I like his English accent better? Ah well! :)

Man Crush Monday = the usual suspects

My weekend was so lazy this time around but that’s okay, eh? Sometimes laziness is awesome. LOL

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Tags: cavill, kitsch, poetry, pw
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