Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

confess to me

confess to me
a whisper will do
vanity has no say
impress upon me
love true in a touch
leave nothing unsaid

a pic with the fishies at Bass Pro Shops

It hit triple digits out our way, so what did we did? We headed inland for the Central Valley! LOL Smart, right? We headed out to Modesto and walked the nice, air conditioned mall, then had lunch at the BJ’s there.

mozzarella and tomato salad

Our last stop was Bass Pro Shops. Love that store! It’s so big. When we passed through the guns section, I saw a familiar face and realized it was a deputy from my SRJ days. I should have approached him but he was talking to a customer so I didn’t want to disturb. But what a small world!

I love my long weekends. I am so enjoying the slower hours. :)

Penny Dreadful – This show keeps surprising me! Some things did not surprise me (Brona) and others did (ETHAN?!). Some things made me sad (Vanessa and Dorian). It’s a fantastic show and I look forward to the second season. :)

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Tags: cavill, poetry
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