Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

resisting the irresistible

how can I fall
every time you smile
no one ever sees but me
resisting the irresistible
yet falling so willingly

my tablet’s wallpaper

I turned on my Nexus 7 and changed the wallpaper. The tablet went through two OS updates before I could try to use it. It’s so weirdly slow. Driving me a bit nuts!

Had a super lazy day. Turned on Battleship but napped through most of it. I didn’t even write anything more than a few lines of my story. I need to get my head together on that one. ::sigh::

Oh, but I did get to FaceTime with my sister and nieces. Awww!

my sister and her girls

They’re growing so fast!

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Tags: cavill, poetry
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