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plea to stay

don't leave
you're last one here
once part of three
now the ace elite
what will we do
here without you
the reliable one
ever steady
the unique one
ever ready
oh please
don't leave
stay always
gold and green

We're watching the A's vs the Mariners. A's are up 4-1. Yah! :D

So, the first week back to work is over. Wasn't too bad. Eye of the storm. Ye gods! I still haven't gotten to the files. I need to take files out and put files in. Should be fun. Not really!

Omigosh, my friend is going to have a baby!!! I'm so excited for her. I think I should talk her into a blog now. She can write about her pregnancy. :D Hmmm, I should tell her. LOL!
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