Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the sighs of the shadows

I would sleep
while the breeze blows
feel the cool
waft through my dreams
the moon glows high
full amongst the stars
far and out of reach
yet beckoning
I would listen
to the rustle of the leaves
the sighs of the shadows
drawn by mystery
the darkness a shelter
while the light a lie
will whispers reveal
sweet solace or sorrow

Kitsch in his FNL days…

The night time breeze is cool, rustling through the trees. Sometimes I just like to listen and feel the slight touch of it. Sometimes the wind just makes me feel alive…

I know I don’t mention basketball that often but WOOHOO, THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS!!! They’re my second team (after the Warriors), so I support them in my way. :D

And OH MY with Game of Thrones! I was expecting a lot of what happened but it was definitely great to watch it unfold on screen. No spoilers from me! Now I want to re-read the books. LOL

If you can, you must watch Penny Dreadful! Eva Green is so amazing on that show! Plus it’s creepy and mysterious and a hodgepodge of all kinds of supernatural type stories.

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Tags: kitsch, poetry, tv
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