Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

this time amaze me

this time
amaze me
you know you can
lead me
over this darkness
running with delight

Kitsch in John Carter

Sometimes I just want to buy the digital version of John Carter no matter the cost but since I have the blu-ray, it’s a rather silly thought. I keep watching it and I realize that I really do like the movie a lot. It’s so adventuresome! And sure, Kitsch is in it but he’s not the only reason I enjoy the movie. I’m serious! :D


I miss using my Superman case. I love the Mophie but I seriously miss having a cute or fun case for my phone. Maybe I should find some stickers for my Mophie. It’s not like I’m going to re-sell it or anything, right? LOL

I almost cried today but for a different reason. A memory of someone who touched my life with light and love and the grief of how he was taken away. I understand forgiveness and sometimes I envy those who can forgive with such heart. I don’t think I can do the same. Well, maybe I would forgive but I’d still want justice…

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Tags: kitsch, poetry
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