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hiss in the wind

an eerie quiet
a restless breath of air
just a little warm
just a little bright
the eye of the storm
feel the anticpation
every other inhale
hear the hiss in the wind
warning something fierce
but for now all is calm
for now all is still
now is the time
to face the coming wind...

The second day back at work wasn't so bad. I got more people coming in to register their kids. It's confusing when I don't have my desk all tidied up like I want. Plus I have other things I should do. Sometimes I have moments where I just sit there and wonder what to do next. Alas!

I have a couple of Vox invites to give out. Anyone want to try it? I'm having FUN with it but it would be nice having more "neighbors." I still love LJ, but sometimes it's nice to play elsewhere. :) So comment if you want to try something new.

My A's won. Nice! The Cards lost badly. Ugh.

I'm tired. I should go to sleep or something...
Tags: poetry
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