Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

capture this heart waiting for you

kiss me
if you please
tempt me
so sweetly
capture this
heart waiting for you

John Carter
right before a kiss… from John Carter

It’s my birthday eve. At the moment, I’m watching my Crusaders play the Brumbies. The Crusaders are leading 33-13. It’s already my birthday in New Zealand so maybe my Crusaders will do me a solid and win one for me. ;) I’m hoping!

half a rack of lamb

We had dinner at Black Angus. Apparently I can’t go anywhere without have a glass of wine now. LOL The lamb was delicious! And so filling. I’m still full. :) Too bad we didn’t have room for dessert.

Oh, and have already gotten some birthday love on twitter!

thank you Charles and Rachel!

My very lovely friend tweeted a little hint to a couple of my favorite fellas and one of those fellas wished me a Happy Bday. Awwwww! I’m feeling super loved.

And now the Crusaders are leading the Brumbies 40-13. Now this is an awesome bday present. Just about four minutes or so left…

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Tags: cmesure, kitsch, poetry
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