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beneath the smile

beneath the smile
beneath the eye's twinkle
a secret waits
beneath the whispers
beneath the sighs
a fire burns
beneath the soft touch
beneath the laughter
a promise lurks
beneath the sweetness
beneath the pleasure
a heart opens forth...

So, it was back to work today. I'm not sure how I'm going to like the current set-up of my workspace. The desk is lovely but it's not made for working with a computer. I like the drawers and such, but I feel so crowded now! I might change desks again and just try to get some file cabinets. Who knows! I'm supposed to try and make myself comfortable. And so I will try.

I didn't get a lot of business today, so I was able to start unpacking my workspace. My floors were supposed to be replaced during my break, but they were only waxed! No one knows what happened. Which means I could have just kept things in certain places instead of hiding things like I did. Silliness!

But it's really nice coming to work and no kids yet. Yah! They start school on August 28. Too bad for them. LOL!
Tags: poetry
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