Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

rushing to glow upon your sweet smile

how the clouds gather
ever so close
no sunshine
rushing to glow upon
your sweet smile

Richard Flood in Crossing Lines
from Crossing Lines

It’s spring break out this way so the walk to work is rather solitary. And today the clouds were gathering and there was a winter-like (for here) chill in the air. Still, wearing the sweater to work was probably overkill because I was a little sweaty when I got work. :P

I’ve decided to “break up” with one of my fellas. I tried to be cool and patient regarding our tiff but I can’t help taking it personally now. I’m being totally over-dramatic but sometimes one must be when the situation warrants it. So there it is. I had good times being a support gal but alas, there are others who appreciate me more than he. I only wish I had know what the hell I did. But isn’t that the way of life, sometimes not knowing?

Isn’t it nice that I have my other fellas to comfort me?

Sully in Gangster Squad


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Tags: cavill, poetry, rf, sully
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