Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

stay awhile

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stay awhile
untwist your heart
let it breathe
let it free
imagine light
vast in this darkness
a whisper of laughter
new and alive

I want more FUNKO figures!!!

Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con – Yesterday we attended the last day of the Sacramento Comic Con. It was MADNESS! But it was fun! Chris Hemsworth was there but I didn’t even get a glimpse of him. Oh bother. We even stood in line for his Q&A but we didn’t make it into the room. At least we tried, eh?


So many people were in attendance! The aisles were so crowded when we arrived. We made our rounds a few times, saw many Funko figures (I didn’t realize there are Supernatural ones?! Couldn’t find Dean!), and I finally found a t-shirt to buy– Eureka! (No seriously, a Eureka t-shirt.)

Jack Carter!

Tags: poetry, sully
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