Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

amaze me night and day

surprise me
until I laugh
lose me
love me
impress me
vow only me
amaze me
night and day

300 Rise of an Empire

I hope to see this movie on Friday. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a movie on opening night. So why not one with Sully? ;) Is it bad that I just like going to movies that have my fellas? I don’t think it’s bad. Maybe.

I have had my LJ (, if you’re reading this at since 2004. TEN YEARS! WOWSWERS! I’m glad it’s still out there and I can read my old posts. So many posts! It’s neat to pick a random day from the past ten years and read what I wrote…

I went to the dentist yesterday and tomorrow first thing in the morning I have an appointment for a consultation. My tooth feels so much better but I guess we need to figure out what caused the pain. I’m mostly dreading the walk in the morning…

my new twitter profile header

I changed my twitter profile header to a new split picture of Kitsch and Cavill. Nice, right? ;)

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Tags: cavill, kitsch, poetry, sully
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