Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

my dream come true

this time just
once can this be
my dream come true

Philip Winchester – Fringe

As promised (wait, did I promise?), a screenshot of Philip Winchester from the episode of Fringe that I watched yesterday. See, shirtless! I think this was his first scene of the series? And how did I not remember his turn on this show when I saw him later on Strike Back? It was probably the accent. Or the shorter hair. Or who knows!

While wandering Hulu Plus, we saw two Erik Thomson shows, All Saints and Packed to the Rafters! Both are Aussie shows, both really good. It’s so freakin’ awesome they’re both available for streaming. I am STOKED!

Erik Thomson as Dr. Mitch Stevens in All Saints

And why must the weekends be so short?

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Tags: erik, poetry, pw, th
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