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starred a version of you

I remember you
the easy smile
the sparkling green eyes
we touched once
exchanged hellos
and I still remember you
Once my deep down dreams
starred a version of you
and a fantasy version of me
following a forbidden path
Yes, I remember that
Seems so long ago
buried in a distant past
but now you're back
so faraway still
on the fringes of the mist...

I bet Bed Bath and Beyond thought we had just moved or something. LOL! Yippee, I have a new ironing board and a new iron! Is it weird to be so excited about that kind of stuff? We also bought pots and pans and stuff like that. Neat-oh! And then we went grocery shopping. Fun stuff. :P

The All Blacks won over the Wallabies last night. Yes, I stayed up for it! It wasn't over until about 4am. Crazy, eh? The last five minutes kept me on the edge of my seat! LOL!
Tags: poetry
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