Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

lead me away

catch me
along this path
veiled by the mist
impress me
lock my heart
lead me away

ManCrushMonday = my lockscreen & homescreen = Taylor Kitsch & Henry Cavill

Oh Mondays. I like Mondays on twitter because it’s apparently Man Crush Monday. Just another excuse to post pics of my favorite fellas. ;) I know, like I need an excuse. LOL

the closest I’ll get to having a pic with Kitsch?

TV stuff
Bitten – The best thing about this show is Laura Vandervoort. She ROCKS! This was the third ep, I think. They finally found the mutt! Poor mutt. Not really, he was BAD. I like how the show is rather adult. And some of the boys on the show are HOT. ;)

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Tags: cavill, kitsch, poetry, tv
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