Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

love’s embrace

the thrill
a chase
your smiles
love’s embrace
opens the heart
rising to the light

keeping time
in every breath
the laughter
steals away regret
closing the darkness
hidden in the shadows

kitsch in savages
Kitsch in Savages

We finished off the last episodes of the tv show Flashpoint last night. SUCH A GREAT SHOW. If there is ever a show I would recommend, it’s that one. I think almost every episode that last season brought a bit of tears to my eyes. It is such a great show. You could call it a procedural but it is so much more. It has so much heart. The characters are flawed yet strong and you really pull for them in so many ways. Do yourself a favor, if you’ve got Netflix, watch Flashpoint

My Man Crush Monday Men = Cavill & Kitsch

In that order– Henry on top. ;)

SO LAZY today. I love days off from work. And working for a school district assures for random days off. I did write a little. My story is slightly stalling and damn, my characters are FAST. But it’s a story of romance, so there it is. :) I must say that if I ever meet Taylor Kitsch, I’ll have to thank him most kindly for the inspiration of this particular character I’m writing. I’m not usually so creative this time of year but my regard for him has certainly fueled those fires. And I LOVE IT. So, TK, THANK YOU. Muah.

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Tags: cavill, kitsch, poetry
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