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Be Bowflex

So, I'm sitting there watching Cold Case Files and a Bowflex commercial comes on. I don't know why, but I look up just as a familiar face flashes by. Could it be? Is it really?!

now he's part of the Bowflex commercial gang...

Chris Conrad!!! He was on Young Hercules as Jason and I got to meet him back in 1999. (Wow, I'm old!) Twas a Xena/Hercules convention (of course) and I got to shake his hand during the Q&A with the YH boys. During the autograph line, I took his picture:

Chris in Santa Monica, January 1999

My friend had the BIGGEST crush on him (and the biggest website on him). So of course I'm going to have to share this with her sometime. ;)

But wow, Chris Conrad in a Bowflex commercial. I wish I could find more on him. The last I heard, he was teaching in a Florida high school. Oh, so long ago that was too. Hmmm.

For a few more pics of Chris from the commercial, check them out here.
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