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17 January 2014 @ 10:20 pm
lingering with sweetness  

the way you smile
a light shines in
your eyes
lingering with sweetness
on your lips
reveling in laughter

Kitsch in Lone Survior
Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor

Don’t you hate waking up with a headache? Ugh! But I got to drive to work today, so there’s a plus. ;)

Lone Survivor – I’m not usually one for war movies set in modern times but this one caught my attention. I didn’t really pay as much attention the first time around but it interested me enough to want to watch it again. And I was duly impressed. It was so well done and the men in the movie did a great job in their roles…

WTF with Man of Steel 2 being pushed to 2016?! I blame Ben Affleck. Seriously. I’m disappointed and SAD!

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