Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

lingering before deepening

his breath so warm
exposing his
nervous heart
ready to fall
yet once more

can this be real
a way to discover
visions to dreams
in one kiss
lighting a fire
lingering before deepening

Henry Cavill & Frieda Pinto in Immortals
Frieda Pinto & Henry Cavill in Immortals

I knew it was gone but I still checked Netflix for Immortals. I was SO SAD not to see it. Alas! One less way to watch Henry easy!

I’m not sure how long I can write my poems in their current format. Seriously, do you see the pattern? ;) It’s okay if you don’t.

I’m writing the end of my current story, then I’ll go back and write the beginning and middle. Another short story, another “hot romance” type. I already have the beginning of another story in my head, spurred on by my growing appreciation for Taylor Kitsch. He’s kinda hot. And no, he’s not going on my list. No no no. Wait, is that too much protesting? The one I’m currently writing stars Sullivan Stapleton, which means lots of cussing because he just sounds so good when he cusses. ;) One of these days I need to write a PG or PG-13 story so that I can share it with more people. LOL

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Tags: cavill, poetry
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