Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

opening my heart with hope

maybe I’ll confess
opening my heart with hope
that you feel the same

Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in The Tudors

I’m ahead of my poem writing. I don’t mind. Maybe it’s good for my brain to stay creative in some way. I’m already losing the drive to keep writing my story. I cannot seem to implement a self imposed deadline. Shame. It’s not as if I have other things I’m doing. I have the time to write. Instead, I went through some old unfinished stories and happened upon one I started earlier this year. I liked the tone. I wonder if I shouldn’t be so ambitious and perhaps just concentrate on writing short stories first. A good thought?

I watched another episode of The Tudors today. My duty to Henry Cavill, I suppose you could say. I make it sound like a chore, don’t I? It’s not really. The show is actually quite well done. This particular episode didn’t have enough Henry in it but so it goes. It’s not about his character, after all. LOL


I also FaceTime’d with the niece! Gosh, she’s growing fast! Such a sweetie too. I ADORE HER! She read her first book this week, as in read it herself. I’m so proud!

my favorite girl

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Tags: cavill, poetry, writing
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