Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

say yes to you when it’s time

Poetry inspired by the story I’m currently writing. ::clears throat::

poem #1
how have we just met
when all I see in your eyes
shines like forever

poem #2
was I lost before
have I found myself this time
by taking your hand

poem #3
I know that I will
say yes to you when it’s time
to shut out the world

poem #4
maybe temptation
might just be a step to take
to find what is true

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

I’ve been keeping up on the word count but I feel like I won’t actually finish the novel at the month’s end. I’ll get to the 50,000 but the story might need more to finish. So if I get to 50,000 words, do I “win” or am I supposed to finish the novel? Hmmmm.

Originally published at Kiari's Corner. You can comment here or there.

Tags: cavill, poetry, writing
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