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back to the other layout

Woohoo! I still had that "customize" zip file on my computer and I was able to fiddle my layout back to its original state. Most glorious!

Well, I must get ready and head out to the tire place. Hopefully the tire thing doesn't take too long because I won't have a way to come back home! I'm going to wander around the town, I suppose. Maybe I should bring a book. LOL! I have a blank book I can write in. Hmmm.

I'm having fun with Vox! I even got the hubby to try it. :) I think everyone should try it and when I get more invites, I'll let you all know. Or maybe I'll email people with invites. Anyhoo, I switched the layout on my vox yesterday. I love how easy it is to switch things around on it. Too bad I can't view it on my Sidekick. Bah! Oh well, it is still in beta.

Holli likes toes

I love my dogs. :)
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