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18 October 2013 @ 11:47 pm
I’m not ready yet  

I’m not ready yet
must I say good bye to you
see your eyes so sad


The St. Louis Cardinals are on their way to the World Series!!! It was a great game for them and I am so happy that they won the series. It was such a tough series from the beginning so it was fun to see them just break out in this game. Thank goodness! As I said on Twitter, now I get to wear my Mulder jersey for the World Series!

This reply to my tweet puzzled me though:

I’d like to think the writer of this reply doesn’t realize the actual definition of “obtuse” otherwise his tweet was not only insulting but rude. And oh, dude is a Cardinals fan. So isn’t it a little mean to pick on 1) a fellow Cardinals fan as well as 2) a former Cardinals player? And seriously, am I supposed to trash a jersey if the player retires? Am I taking this too personally?

Whatever, the Cardinals are going to the World Series!!!

I’ll talk Strike Back tomorrow. But I will say I cried, I laughed, and enjoyed the season finale all the way to the end. :D

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