Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

maybe just once more

if only in dreams
let me hear your warm laughter
maybe just once more

They call this Wally because it looks like WALL-E…

So, had my crown done today. It was an interesting few hours. The most uncomfortable thing was the process to numb me. LOL Otherwise, it went fine and I have a new crown! Fun, I know.


etc and such

  • I neglected to note that yesterday was the second anniversary of the father-in-law’s death. In some ways, it feels like such a long time ago and in other ways, not so much. I really wish there was a place where we could go visit him, maybe say some words. I would like to pay my respects to him…
  • I woke up today with a notice that two of my contacts have joined Twitter. One is my cousin, which is awesome! I love when family joins a social network that I frequent. I hope he likes it. :) The other person is someone who blocked me on Facebook. If you know me, you might figure out who this person is. Suffice to say that it is unlikely I will follow this person even if I get a follow…
  • My A’s won!!! They’re leading the series 2-1 over the Tigers…
  • The Cards won!!! They’ve sent it back to St. Louis, tied in the series with the Pirates….
  • We watched the end of each game at Buffalo Wild Wings after my dentist appointment. I had two Captain and Cokes to help me the trauma of a getting the crown. ;) And neither of us had wings! I had potato wedges and shared a basket of onion rings. I eat so healthy, I know. LOL!
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  • Strike Back – [spoilers follow, as usual]
    ~ First of all, STONEBRIDGE FIGHTING NAKED. HOLY CRAP. It was rather awesome. They are crazy, I tell ya, CRAZY!
    ~ Second, POOR LEO. He was in too deep and he realized he wouldn’t come out of it alive. When he was talking to his daughter, I almost started crying! Damn this show for having such moments that wrench your heart. Alas!
    ~ Third, I love the way the Russian chick has her vodka. Oh my!
  • The Witches of East End – Yes, we watched a show on Lifetime. I liked it! I wonder where it’s going and I like the characters enough at this point to keep watching. We’ll see how it goes. ;) And I like the Killian guy. Looks like a dude out of a bodice ripper. LOL

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