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weekend recap more detailed

last night's 7th inning stretch
click on image to watch clip

A few words first.

The No Power Thing - Oh my goodness. Saturday began normally enough. We watched the A's in the morning and planned to be lazy until it cooled down in the evening. We were going to go grocery shopping. So we popped in the Stargate SG-1 DVD and starte watching the pilot. At a crucial point in the show, the power cut out. Twas somewhere around 3:30pm. No power meant no TV, no computer, and most importantly no a/c. We thought it would be at most a couple of hours. The hubby called PG&E and the recording said that the power was set to come back on at around 11pm. Even though we didn't want to get ready in a sweltering house, we did and headed out to dinner at Johnny Carino's, then a little shopping at Barnes and Noble. Blessed a/c! We got home at around 11pm and our court was dark. The other side of the street had power but our court and the houses behind us didn't. 15 houses in all did not have power for some reason. Let me tell you, trying to sleep was a chore! I kept hoping that I would wake up to hear my a/c on but it never happened.

I woke up Sunday morning and got ready for my spa day with my cousins and sister. I was so sweaty while I got ready and I had taken a shower. It was gross! I was so glad that the spa had air conditioning. The power ended up coming back on at 2pm, before I came home from the spa. So I got to shower with power on when I came home. Woohoo, light! It went out again while I was out, but it was only for two hours and I came home that night to lights and such. Thank goodness.

Now, pictures of the good stuff.

from spa day: the pool in the back, me, cousin b, cousin c, sister s

We had our Sunday spa morning at the Purple Orchid in Livermore. It was GREAT. I had a facial, a eyebrow wax, and a massage. Since it was my first massage, I went with the Swedish. I almost fell asleep! I think next time I might go for the therapeutic. We'll see. And yes, there will be a next time. ;)

dinner on spa day: j blending drinks, cousin b, sister c, cousin c jr, cousin c, cousin k

Dinner in Pleasant Hill was lovely! The weather was HOT but it cooled down just a bit by nightfall. Cool enough to be outside anyway. LOL! My cousin and her fella have a great house! Their driveway is private (shared between them and one neighbor), so the house is off the street. And their backyard is up against a hill. The house itself is pretty sweet too. They have a super cool place. :D Too bad I couldn't drink the margarita! Driving alone sucks. :P

Monday I spent with my sister and my parents. We ran some errands, including stepping into Bayfair Mall to switch out my mom's SIM card. I haven't been to Bayfair Mall in AGES. Looks like they're fixing things up there. It's actually quite nice... We had lunch at the New China Buffet. It wasn't so bad. The food was good.

We went back to my parents' house and watched a couple of movies. It was so hot in their house! How do people not have a/c? Granted, San Leandro doesn't get hot like out here, but still. Twas a bit brutal. I wanted to play on their computer, but that room was way too warm. I felt gross in there!

Dinner was at my aunt's house. She has Monday night dinner every Monday night for her family and anyone is invited as long as she knows you're coming (so she knows how much food to make). It was my first Monday night dinner at my aunt's house! LOL! I had the greatest time in those few hours. They live in Alameda, right near the beach. Again, no a/c. Yikes!

cousin, sisters, dad with a little one, cousins, mom with cousin

It's so nice how we can all get together and just chat away about anything. I love my family. We talked about the upcoming wedding in Hawaii, work things, my sister's reunion (the reason for her visit this time around), and all kinds of stuff. And my aunt made LOTS of food. She's amazing!

more family shots

It was a good way to end the long weekend (long for me anyway). I miss my sister already. Alas.

from last night's game: the parking pass, us, the latest magazine, rookie pitcher, dh getting stretched while 1st baseman watches, shortstop sitting while backup catcher signs autographs, catcher on second

The game was DISAPPOINTING! But I did have fun taking pictures and sending them to my LJ. But everytime I did that, updating with the score, Boston would score more in that inning. I was bad luck. Sucky!

Wow, that was a long post, eh?
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