Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

where the darkness comforts me

leave me in this place
where the darkness comforts me
embracing my fears


I’m such a nerd, I was so excited for the iOS 7 update! LOL


The update seemed to take FOREVER. I was chatting with my friends while I was watching my phone updating. They probably thought I was being nuttier than usual. LOL


It was awesome when it was finally updated except I had to redo my “transparent” icons. TEDIOUS. I didn’t really finish until I was home and had time to just sit and think about it.

my lockscreen looks good though…

My first impressions? Well why not? ;)

  • Notification Center – Much better. I like the way things are broken down by Today, All, and Missed. Very pretty too.
  • Lockscreen – So gorgeous with the background filling the whole screen. I love it! (Especially since I use a pic of Henry as my lockscreen…)
  • Control Center – I find this VERY Android-like and I say that as compliment. It’s quite functional as well as nice on the eyes.
  • New icons – Some of the icons are rock, like the Notes, Clock, Calendar, and Photos. Others just seem a bit meh like the Camera and Music. I think I like the Contacts icon the least. It seems incomplete.
  • Folders – I LOVE how you can fill your folders to your heart’s content. I’ve consolidated some of mine and it just makes for neater home screens.
  • iTunes Radio – I think I’m going to use this a lot for when I’m bored of my own playlists. LOL The Jazz Showcase station is pretty cool.
  • Multi-task – I like the web-OS like “cards” that you just swipe up to close the app. Very nice!

So far everything looks great and I’ve had only smooth goings. We shall see how it likes going through my usual routine. A LOT of the functionality is VERY Android-like, which makes me laugh a little because I’m sure those certain kinds of Apple fans will insist that Apple perfected or invented everything new in the OS. Well, I know better. As I told my friend, iOS 7 is very refined but it’s not alien to me with all the Android-like touches. And there’s even a hint of web-OS. ;)

I look forward to exploring all the nuances of the new iOS. It’s like having a new phone! (Or so I keep telling myself…)

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Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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