Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

you must take that step

you don’t have a choice
destiny steered you this far
you must take that step

Henry on Sesame Street

TV I watch…
Last night we watched the season premiere of a new series and this evening we watched the season ender to summer show…

  • season ender – Under the Dome – Well, we finished the first season. Thank goodness it was a short one (relatively) and a summer series. I KNEW it was going to be a damn cliffhanger. I’m mostly all right with it because I almost feel as though we didn’t really commit too much time. It was a fun and infuriating show to watch. I think it’s good to yell at the tv and to hate some of the characters. It’s rather refreshing!… I will say this, if they kill off Barbie, I think I’ll stop watching. Seriously… I suspected that Julia was the Monarch. She’s the antithesis to Big Jim more so that Barbie is and it only seems right that she’s the Monarch… Speaking of Big Jim, I think Junior gets the crazy from him. Big Jim is DELUSIONAL. In some twisted way I can understand his justification in killing some of the people he’s killed but it has to be rooted in some evil. Still, the Rennies are fun to watch and hate… I’m disappointed in Linda. She’s turned into a rather incompetent cop and I so wanted to be on her side. But what the hell, where is her sense of JUSTICE? Why is she listening to Big Jim so implicitly? Ugh!… As for whether I’ll watch second season, I probably will if there isn’t anything else to watch. But that doesn’t mean it’s a great show. It just means there’s nothing else to watch. LOL
  • season premiere – Sleepy Hollow – First, read this hilarious review of the series premiere then come back for my thoughts. I’ll wait… Okay, let me get this out of the way, Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) is probably only dreamy to me because 1) he’s British and has the accent, 2) he sports an adequate amount of scruff, and 3) he has lovely eyes. Now let’s move on!… I liked the pilot! It started fast and had the right amounts of mystery and creepiness and slight laughs and intrigue. The main gal is smart and tough but vulnerable beneath it all. Abbie and Ichabod will make an interesting team and I can see myself watching more of this show… Folks might complain about all the stuff in the pilot (two witch covens, the Four Horsemen, time travel, etc) but I liked all of it. Is it so wrong to get all twisted around? I don’t think so. So good for them on that score!… I did have a jump from my seat moment. It was right after John Cho’s character met his end. When Abbie and Ichabod were looking at the mirror and then it shattered. YIKES! I kinda freaked. I’m hoping that it’s just a short series (like 13 eps?) but apparently the sign of success would be 22 episodes. I hope the show writers can maintain the story with that kind of pressure.

Henry on Sesame Street

Is it weird that I just randomly drop pics of Henry Cavill in my posts? He’s such lovely eye candy, I cannot resist. ;)

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