Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

just move along now

just move along now
walk away to better days
turn your eyes elsewhere

Henry Cavill in Immortals

Random musings in bullet form…

  • Someone asked me if I had my boots on today. ;) I didn’t but I like when they get noticed. LOL
  • I found out that one of my annual chores at work might not be necessary anymore. Please please please let this be true!!!
  • There’s a perk on this page that I would LOVE to do but alas, I’m staying on the upper part of the page. But I do know someone who’s taking the plunge on the one I would do. SO AWESOME!
  • Why must Henry Cavill be so beautiful?
  • I was reminded recently that someone thought I would enjoy the Twilight book series. Why would a grown up think another grown up would like a story about an uninspiring female character with no personality or gumption who is somehow attractive to a beautiful vampire and a hot werewolf? Just sayin’. I know I like childish things at times and yes, I have a sappy romantic streak but really?
  • I think I want to watch Immortals again. Thank goodness for Netflix!
  • I’m leaning towards a sci-fi/fantasy story for National Novel Writing Month even though the romance story beckons.
  • I hope that Man of Steel sells digitally ahead of the blu-ray because I’d really love to watch that movie again soon.


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Tags: cavill, poetry
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