Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

drawing out the longing

the music’s beat
moves and sways
every note seeping in
memorizing each moment
drawing out the longing
soothing the sorrow
squeezing out the tears
wordless a moment
then lyrics soaring
high with the soul
the song turns to memory
ready to remind you


We headed out to Livermore today! I wanted to go to the comic book shop, Fantasy Books and Games, which ended up being a good thing because stuff was on sale! R found a Vaako for a mere $2.99, then I found a Cadet McCoy and a GORGEOUS Deanna Troi! I just had to buy them because 1) I want Karl Urban action figures when I can find them and 2) DEANNA TROI!!!


I love the comic book shop in Livermore. It’s always full of great stuff and I think if we lived there, I would be at that shop at least once a month if not more often. Oh, I did buy Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. I was actually looking at Superman stuff but couldn’t decide so settled on Batman.

Before Fantasy, we stopped for a drink at Tap 25. I had a stout. After the comic book shop, we went to the First Street Alehouse. There we had cheese sticks and I had a Syrah. And for an early dinner, we went to Cattlemens. Prime rib, a weakness…


All in all, a good day! :)


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Tags: poetry
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