Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

what we had

what we had
we had
and never again
we will have
leave it best
to memories
fond with smiles
but not to hold
or to keep
what we had
we had
long ago
means nothing
now today
what we had
we had
we will never
have again

Strike Back
Strike Back
Strike Back – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

No new Strike Back last night. :( But hey, I can watch it anytime on my phone or on demand, right? So no worries. Plus it’s good to take a little breather. So I keep telling myself.

Karl Urban in Heaven

One of the gals I read on Twitter (@NerdLushDiva) has “discovered” Karl Urban and she’s posted a few reviews of his previous work on her website. She hasn’t seen Heaven yet and I thought I’d dig it up and see if I could figure out how to get it on my phone to do screencaps. I figured it out! ;) Now I should pop in the DVD and actually watch the movie, eh?

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Tags: karl, poetry, pw, strikeback, sully
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