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This is what I get for fiddling!!!

I'm so sad.  I was trying to figure out why my top banner wasn't showing and I fiddled too much and now my layout is back to the more default looking thing.  I wanna have that top banner back!!!  I'm mad.  I don't have the .zip file with me (I'm not at home), so I can't do anything right now.  How utterly FRUSTRATING!!!  I don't understand what happened.  (Well, I know what I did wrong, but I can't figure out why it wasn't working right in the first place.)

I miss seeing Mulder on top.


ETA: I switched layouts.  Mulder is back on top smiling (yippee!) but I'm not sure how I like the rest of it.  Oh well, it'll do for now.  :D
Tags: babble
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