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22 August 2013 @ 08:35 pm
I sit here in disbelief  

this cannot be true
I sit here in disbelief
unsure how to feel

Ben Affleck as Batman.


I know I don’t usually curse on my blog (who knows who might be reading) so excuse the slight profanity. I’m just so flummoxed right now about this bit of casting.

Ben Affleck is a good actor and I’ve enjoyed many of his movies. Maybe another time I might have just shrugged at the news of him being cast as Batman but for some reason, right now, the notion of him in that role just feels SO DAMN WRONG. I think it’s because I cannot imagine him opposite Henry Cavill. It seems like a stretch that my imagination refuses to make. This is absolutely NOTHING against Affleck’s acting abilities. I have nothing against him. But Batman is an iconic hero who deserves to be played by someone who can play both sides of his nature. I just don’t trust that Affleck can convince me he’s that man. As I said on twitter, maybe I’m underestimating his talent but he’s going to have pull all his tricks to make me believe he’s Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Henry Cavill made me care about Clark Kent/Superman. He made me feel that HOPE of something better within, not just out there. I know it wasn’t just Henry but all the people who made that movie. I suppose I will have to trust that those same people will convince me that this Bruce Wayne/Batman belongs in this same sphere as Superman. I will not make it easy for them. And it will KILL ME to keep forking over my money to see the movie (because I doubt I’ll only see it once) if I’m unconvinced by Affleck’s portrayal. I really do hope he proves me wrong.

But truly, all I care about is that Henry Cavill is Superman. He has become my image of that superhero and I look forward to more of him. :)

I wonder what the diehard Batman fans think of this casting…

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May Robinson: Warrior: Tatmay7fic on August 23rd, 2013 10:43 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen the latest Superman... have never been a fan of that particular hero though will likely watch it on demand eventually. Do like Cavill to look at (haven't seen him in anything). But I think Affleck is a bad choice. He inspires such divisiveness amongst the movie-going public so even if he does an amazing job, there are people who simply. Will. Not. Go. because it's him.

I didn't like him to begin with and still don't find him terribly appealing or attractive though my appreciation for him has grown with his acting abilities. Still, I think it's a high risk choice. I hear there are already petitions being put together against the casting. That's too bad but doesn't surprise me in this day and age.

I'm so out of the loop these days I didn't actually know there was a Batman/Superman movie in the works. I'd read some comments somewhere along the way that mentioned it but always thought they were hypotheticals LOL. Who's writing and/or directing?
Valerie: TH as Handsome Bob leather jacketvaleriejoy on August 24th, 2013 04:17 am (UTC)
I saw Man of Steel four times. I didn't want to see it as many times as I saw Star Trek Into Darkness but Henry Cavill was simply mesmerizing. And I totally bought into the world they created in that movie and his portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman. I just couldn't stay away.

I love how shocked everyone is at the choice and I really didn't think I'd care this much about it but oddly enough, I'm riled up and rather incredulous. Maybe it's just too soon after Christian Bale. I don't really know. I'm sure the powers-that-be love all the drama they've stirred but they had better hope that Affleck can deliver. My hope is that Batman is merely a secondary character and doesn't take too much screen time. It is, after all, supposed to be a Superman movie. ;)

I think I would have personally preferred less of a "big" name.

They announced the Superman/Batman movie at Comic Con in July. Zack Snyder is directing and David S. Goyer is writing. :)