Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

leaving all this unspoken

am I heartbroken
leaving all this unspoken
burying the truth

True Blood
shots from the season finale of True Blood

I started writing my thoughts on last night’s True Blood but I didn’t finish so I’ll leave it for another night. ;) Suffice to say I loved Joe Manganiello with short hair (HOT!), I feel that I was done wrong by the way Robert Kazinsky’s Warlow was handled, and hell if I watch the show again if Alexander Skarsgard’s last shot of the season was his actual last shot of the show. F–k that.

Eve of Destruction – This mini-series finally made its way to Netflix and we watched it tonight. It was decent enough, made a good watch by the heartfelt performance of Aleks Paunovic. He was quietly amazing and awesome! :D

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Tags: fellas, joe, poetry, rkaz
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