Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

wishing you’d come back

my heart’s not broken
I don’t cry myself to sleep
wishing you’d come back

Strike Back
just because… Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back…

Oh Monday. It wasn’t too dreadful.

True Blood – Of course the season gets better right at the end. Geez!… Loved all the Terry flashbacks. Made me feel sad that he was gone. I especially liked Sookie’s part during the funeral and what she said about how Terry loved Arlene from the beginning. So lovely… Bill giving himself up to feed his fellow vampires, then Sarah Newlin’s frustration, and Steve Newlin’s final words all equal crazy wonderful times! I busted out laughing at Steve Newlin’s last words. HILARIOUS!!!… Not enough Ben/Warlow!!!… And oh, Alcide was back to being his big, comforting self. Sweet goodness!… Where hell did Eric go?!…

Low Winter Sun – First ep was all right but what the hell is going on?! I like seeing Mark Strong in something. He’s pretty awesome….

Man of Steel 2 movie rumors…
I love all the rumors regarding who will play Batman in Man of Steel 2. R likes Luke Evans best and I can totally see him play a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. I also like the thought of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Joe Manganiello. Even though I simply ADORE Ryan Gosling, I don’t think he’d make a good choice. Jensen Ackles? Yeah, I’d have a fangasm if that happened, believe you me! ;) And a name that will likely never cross the casting minds? Charles Mesure. Hmmm, yes, I could totally see him as the superhero mentor to Superman. Come on, anyone with me?

I saw a couple of pictures of Karl Urban at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention this past weekend. Still looking good! It always makes me smile to see him. I’m sentimental about that man… I dreamt that I was hanging out with a group of people and Ed Quinn was there. I bumped his leg and looked at him to say sorry and we smiled at each other. And that was it… My cousin’s daughter met One Direction and changed her picture to the group shot of her and her friend with them. I squee for her! Seriously, how awesome to meet one of the biggest musical groups of the times? So cool!… I skimmed through a story I started last year (really, LAST YEAR?!) and I think I want to continue with it. I just need to figure out where it goes in regards to last year’s NaNoWriMo novel (as it shares some characters). And then I think I should start prepping for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Sci-fi epic or another romance-ish novel? What to do?… I’m kinda bummed that the supposed “royals” I followed on Twitter are likely fake. WTH?! And if they’re not, they’re kinda vindictive because they ALL blocked me (both my accounts) so that I can’t follow their tweets. WTF. And I almost mostly believed it was them too, so what a bummer that they’re likely not and they’re kinda assholes too. :( So disappointed… Hey, I can share my blog posts to Path? Let’s see if it works!

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