Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

planting bits of hope

poem #1
the sun setting low
the skies above turning red
heralding the dark

poem #2
the lift of music
slipping through the dark despair
planting bits of hope

Strike Back
Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

Strike Back – All the anticipation was richly rewarded with a season premiere of tears, laughter, action, and intrigue. This show is seriously such quality compared to some of the drivel. Sure, I adore the boys A LOT but it’s more than that. I love the brutality and dirtiness of the show. Plus the boys are just so much fun to watch… Poor Baxter!!! WTF, he goes out like that?! I mean, at least it was out in the field but damn, showing us exactly how he goes was just much. It was shocking for sure. I was so sad!… I LOVED the vacation bit. So totally not California but that’s only because I live here and I know the back roads a bit. ;) Still, it was nice seeing them so carefree even though it was only for a moment… Other favorite parts– Richmond in charge of the crib, Martinez’ comment about Stonebridge’s accent and his damn cute smirk, Scott’s shock at seeing Rebecca, the crazy cliffhanging end!

Strike Back
Strike Back
Strike Back

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Tags: poetry, pw, strikeback, sully, tv
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