Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

lead me to believe

you may have my heart
whisper promises so sweet
lead me to believe

I am writing after three shots of Makers Mark and watching Immortals. What a wild Sunday night! ;)

Henry Cavill in Immortals
Henry Cavill as Theseus in Immortals

I’ve watched this movie before and it was worth the re-watch for Henry. ;) They tweaked the Theseus myth a bit (or A LOT) but it was still a good watch.

Stockton Con 2013

Stockton Con was fun! Maybe I just miss going to such things since we missed Big Wow! and WonderCon has turned into a mini-Comic Con for Anaheim but I had a good time at the Stockton Con. I loved walking around and checking out all the merchandise and wishing I read more comics. I did buy a set of Superman comics. I’m now determined to start reading some Superman stuff. I guess I’ve chosen him as my superhero? We’ll see. I also bought the Pop!Heroes version of Superman. Apparently it’s a Comic Con exclusive? It cost me more than the Superman figure I wanted to buy but it’s smaller, so better?

Stockton Con 2013
Because really, what would I have done with this?

I also got a second Cadet McCoy figure. It was only $3, how could I resist? I think I’ll carry him in my purse and take mini-McCoy pics at inopportune moments. ;)

Stockton Con 2013
Mini-McCoy and my Star Trek shotglass with Makers Mark

Do I have to go to work tomorrow?

Henry Cavill in Immortals
He regrets to say yes.

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