Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

poem #1
maybe just this once
I can admit your allure
still sometimes takes me

The Tudors
Henry Cavill in The Tudors

poem #2
with one mere whisper
a confession of the heart
has time slowed this beat

Strike Back
Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

poem #3
let me close my eyes
dream again of love’s sweet taste
warm upon my lips

Strike Back
Philip Winchester in Strike Back

Chiefs v Brumbies

  • Rugby - The Chiefs defeated the Brumbies in the Super Rugby final. It was weird and kinda sad cheering for a different team but not all the names were unfamiliar so it was all good. Twas a close one, so it was exciting. I must say that I’m very glad DirecTV actually showed the post game celebrations and interviews. What a treat!
  • Baseball - The A’s/Rangers game was actually showing on Fox. On the one hand– WOOHOO! On the other hand– had to listen to McCarver and his condescending ways. I really don’t like the way he talks down to the audience. Is he just like that in real life? It’s annoying. But I will say it was interesting that they talked about the upcoming player suspensions in relation to one of the Rangers players. Usually such things don’t make the local broadcast so I found it interesting. The best part of the game was the fact that the A’s won! ;)

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Tags: cavill, fellas, poetry, pw, sully
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