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the good and bad

a vortex of past and present
how things never change
even as time rolls on
the oppressive heat
bearing down with malice
crushing to crack
pressing to splinter
fighting back is useless
taking it hurts too much
flicking back the insecurity
bares the inside to the elements
a swirling vortex of uncertainty...

I had a good weekend and a bad weekend.  How is that possible?

The BAD:
  • no power = no a/c = restless shifts of sleep
  • hanging out at houses with power but no a/c during a heatwave
  • spending too much time with parents can be detrimental to a steady state of mind
  • driving on Marsh Creek Road is scary at night
  • poor doggies suffering because of the heat
  • no internet for almost 24 hours

  • my sister visited from Atlanta and I actually got to spend time with her
  • spa day on Sunday with my sister and cousins
  • Monday night dinner at my aunt's house
  • seeing my cousins and aunt and uncle and nieces and nephews, etc Monday night
  • hanging out at my cousin's new house with the a/c running!
So there it is.  I might go into detail sometime soon.  Like tomorrow.  I have the A's game today.  Woohoo!  The only drawback?  My Mulder jersey was in the laundry basket (so I can't wear it) and I amTIRED.  And it's only almost 10am.  ::sigh::

I took lots of pictures, but they are still in the card.  I'll take them out when I take out the baseball shots from tonight.  We get to see the rookie pitcher dude tonight.  I hope I get some good shots.  ;)

Let's go A's!!!
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