Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

if we wait

if I wait
for you to beg
humble on your knees
if you wait
for me to cry
with silent forgiveness
if I wait
for you to say
those words I need to hear
if you wait
for me to admit
the depth of my heart
we will wait forever
stubborn and alone
unrepentant and cold
if we wait

I woke up with a bad tummy today. :( So I stayed home and slept the morning away. Fun stuff. :P

Ed on True Blood
Another of Valerie Cruz & Ed Quinn on True Blood

Whenever I go to my twitter feed, it keeps suggesting different Henry Cavill fan accounts. I’m trying to resist but I followed another one today. I know this will stop one day, right? I ended up reading some interviews he did and he sounds like an articulate and thoughtful man. Of course.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Oh, and I must stop inadvertently reading stuff on the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Joe Manganiello tweeted something earlier about a panel he’s doing. And then I saw that the pilot of Almost Human is going to be shown and there will be a panel with the cast and crew, which very likely means Karl Urban will be there. Top all of that with the Strike Back boys also appearing and it’s quite apparent I should be at Comic Con. Someday? Probably not. Oh well, I can always hope that Wonder Con comes back to the Bay Area someday. SOMEDAY?!

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Tags: cavill, eq, joe, poetry, pw, strikeback, sully
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